Friday, December 28, 2007

Screen Command

Unix Screen command is an indespensable command. Once you know it you cannot live without it. It is window manager. Just try it and you will find it mind blowing.

A new screen can be created using

Ctrl-A c - Create new window
Ctrl-A A - Name a window
Ctrl-A " - Show all windows.

Ctrl-A S split window.
Ctrl-A tab to move to the next window.

Putty Title

Putty Title can be easily modified using the function wt.

wt ()
echo -n "^[]2;${@}^G"
# In all of these, ^[ is really the "escape" character.
# You put it into a file using vi, by typing control-V and then hitting the Escape key.
# Likewise, ^G is the control-G# character. Again, hit control-V
# then hit control-G

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