Sunday, November 04, 2012

My "Adler Planetarium" Experience

Adler Planetarium is located in Museum Campus in Chicago. I visited Adler Planetarium and this is what I did:

* Galileo Cafe. Food was ok but view from there was awesome.
* After food, we went for a movie (movie is what planetarium is all about). We saw "Welcome to Universe" which shows how the earth and our galaxy looks like when viewed from space. The show kept us taking to different distances in space. How the earth looked like from a satellite, from moon, from far away in Milkyway and from far far away in space (yeah you will go other galaxies). It is amazing to think that how small we look from space. As said by Apollo 8 and 13 astronaut Jim Lovell "The fact that just from the distance of the Moon you can put your thumb up and you can hide the Earth behind your thumb", you will see the same happening in the movie and make you feel how insignificant we and our problems are.
* We went to the Atwood experience which was amazing. Atwood is the oldest Chicago planetarium. In short, they put you in an empty and dark globe from where you can see the stars and different constellations. It was amazing to know about the constellations and know about their Greek mythology. The brightest star is the Sirius. The small dipper and big dipper are the easiest one to guess. I will say to learn a little bit about the constellations before you go for your Atwood experience.
* We also took pictures of Jim Lovell statue covering the earth with his thumb which was fun.

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