Sunday, November 04, 2012

My "Shedd Aquarium" Experience

I went to visit Chicago and got a chance to visit "Shedd Aquarium". It was huge and we did not had much time. We spent near to 3 hours there. But it was amazing. The floor map which they gave us was little confusing as there are different levels and the map does not indicate that. If you are smart you will figure that out fast but if you dumb like me you will figure it out

This is what I did:

Rice Auditorium
* Abbott Oceanarium (Rice Auditorium) has Aquatic shows. So find about them online and make sure you attend that. Organize your trip around that. It happens at specific times. Rice Auditorium in built on Michigan Lake so from Rice Auditorium you can see Michigan lake and Adler Planetarium.
* Phelps Auditorium has a 4-D show which was also nice but if you have seen 4-D shows before , the experience will be OK. 4-D shows are getting boring now.
* Jellies exhibit is a must. Jellies are fascinating.
* Wild reef has fishes in a big aquarium which is surrounding you from front and top. No bottom and back side floating fish.
* Pritzker Caribbean Reef is also a big cylindrical aquarium but it is too crowded.There are always people standing around it and you can smell fish.
* Frogs near "Pritzker Carriben Reef" is a must. The frogs are so small that you can barely see them. Some of them are extinct or near-to-extinct species and are fascinating.

I was short of time so was not able to spend time on the "Amazon Rising", "Islands and Lakes" and "Rivers" exhibit and other small exhibits around "Pritzker Caribbean Reef". I would have also liked to take a stroll on the North Terrace and see the "Michigan Lake" but I wonder how to enter back into the aquarium once you go into the North Terrace.

We saw beluga whales, star fish, sea otter, penguins, fishes of all types, sharks, sea horse, frogs and lot of other sea animals.

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