Sunday, November 04, 2012

My "Field Museum" Visit

The Field Museum at Chicago is massive and you can easily spend a day exploring it. I visited Chicago and was able to spend 2 hours exploring it. This is what I did:

* Enjoyed the underground adventure where they show what is happening inside the soil.
* Enjoyed the ancient Egypt exhibition where they showed the mummies and everything Egypt. There is also an window inside Egypt exhibition where they showed the heart weighing ceremony. Ancient Egyptian believed that after death you travel to an afterlife where you lived upto eternity. But you were allowed to enter the afterlife only if your heart was lighter than a feather. If you heart was heavier than Ammut (Egyptian god with crocodile face) will eat you up. So Egyptian did all good things to keep their heart light..
* After that we clicked photo in front of Sue. Largest preserved T-rex.
* After that few more exhibitions. We were actually trying to find the exit :). Field museum is huge, did not I told you that.

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