Sunday, November 04, 2012

What is in your spring mattress?

Ever wondered what is in your spring mattress. I think I made a mistake buying a spring mattress (my personal decision). I wanted to buy a  mattress for 200 $$ and was able to find a 8 inches spring mattress which was easily transportable. But I could have got a foam mattress for 200 $$ although less inches. But a 4 inches will work as well as 8 inches if you are using the wooden base. Although one of my friend is using the foam mattress without any base and he is doing good. Anyway back to post topic of what is inside your spring mattress, just spring, but you never think how bad and uncomfortable they will be until and unless you really see them. When you see them it is clear that your body skeleton can never be straight on these springs. When I was buying the spring mattress I was not aware how the internal looks like. So I am putting the pictures of internals of my spring mattress for benefit of others:

This is the springs inside the bed..this is expected for the spring bed.

Here is how the bed looks like without the top bed foam (or whatever it is called). There are some 600 springs. This was the new iCoil technology as told by the mattress seller.  But I am pretty sure you cannot keep your body skeleton straight on these 600 springs. I will prefer to buy the foam mattress. 
After ripping the bed I am able to use the foam top on the wooden frame I have and it works great and better than the spring mattress.

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