Sunday, November 04, 2012

My "Go Chicago Card" experience

When I bought "Go Chicago Card" before my vacations I thoughts that I got a loot. So many attractions in just 108 dollars was a deal. But now when I am done with my vacations, I can better compare the usage with the real deal. I bought a 3-day Chicago card for 108 dollars. I was travelling with my wife so for two person it costed 215.98. The card was valid for 3-days and I saw these in three days:

First Day:
* Skyline Architecture Tour [ Must]
* John Hancock Observatory [Must]

Second Day:
* Field Museum [ Must but needs more time]
* Shedd Aquarium [Must but needs more time]
* Adler Planetarium [Depends on you. For me it was Must but for others it was So-So]

Third Day:
* Willis Tower [Must]
* Grayline North Side Tour [So, So]
* Art Institute of Chicago[ Must but needs more time]

"Go Chicago Card 3-day" is great if you want to cover all the destination but do not have time. If you want to cover some, have time , and want to save money you are better off using "Chicago CityPass". And if you have both time and money, you can try "Go Chicago Card 5-day or 7-day".

Also realize that some of these attractions like Field Museum, Shedd Aquarium are free at some specific day for people living in Chicago. So just use the internet find what days are free.

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